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ZeBlast is proud to be the first biotech company to provide clinically relevant, off-the-shelf and validated zebrafish models to accelerate blood cancer drug developments.

Finding a Solution to Blood Cancers

It is becoming clear that blood cancers arise from genetic mutation of a single blood cell and it is the combination of mutations in each blood cancer that define their unique clinicopathologic features.

The one-size-fits-all approach for blood cancer has reached an impasse and the outcome of these patients has been unsatisfactory. A personalized approach is much needed. Such approach is currently not available. Zebrafish provides a robust model for use in drug discovery for blood cancers.

ZeBlast takes an innovative approach by modelling blood cancers with distinct mutation combinations. The experience and track record of our team members have made ZeBlast a truly unique biotechnology company to undertake this challenge.

Why ZeBlast is your best zebrafish research partner?

Innovative Transgenic Zebrafish Models

US provisional patent has been filed. ZeBlast’s innovation can significantly reduce the time and cost for blood cancer research and drug development.

Experienced Founding Team

ZeBlast is founded by a team of experienced clinicians and scientists with close partnerships with reputable institutes.

Flexible Services & Solutions

ZeBlast offers a unique range of products and servicers to meet client needs from treatment research to drug development.

World-class Medical Science Facilities

ZeBlast operates in world-class medical science facilities across Hong Kong, with zebrafish aquariums and laboratories.

ZeBlast's collaborative approach to blood cancer research and drug discovery

At ZeBlast, we always strive for excellence by forming close partnerships with reputable institutes to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and expertise for their blood cancer research and drug discovery needs.