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ZeBlast is proud to be the first biotech company to provide clinically relevant, off-the-shelf and validated zebrafish models to accelerate drug developments for blood, heart and brain diseases.

Finding A Solution To Human Blood, Heart and Brain Diseases

It is becoming clear that bone marrow stem cells of ageing people undergo gene mutations, known as clonal haematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP). CHIP mutations induce systemic inflammation in the body, leading to atherosclerosis, hence heart attack, stroke and dementia as well as blood cancers, particularly myeloid malignancies.  It is possible that distinct mutation combinations in individual patients may give rise to any one of these ageing-related complications. Once CHIP has occurred,

  • 20% of healthy individuals older than 70 years old are carrying CHIP mutations;
  • CHIP mutation carrier has 10 times higher risk of developing haematological cancers;
  • CHIP mutation carrier has 4 times higher risk of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

A personalized approach is much needed for the predication of complications and discovery of drug treatments. Such approach is currently not available.

ZeBlast takes an innovative approach by modelling CHIP and ageing related diseases in zebrafish, with the goal to characterize the repertoire of CHIP mutations in Asia, identify specific therapeutic agents that mitigate CHIP and ageing related complications and understand the biology of CHIP that may lead to its eradication. The experience and track record of our team members have made ZeBlast a truly unique biotechnology company to undertake this challenge.

Why ZeBlast is your best zebrafish research partner?

Innovative Transgenic Zebrafish Models

US provisional patent has been filed. ZeBlast’s innovation can significantly reduce the time and cost for blood, heart and brain diseases research and drug development.

Experienced Founding Team

ZeBlast is founded by a team of experienced clinicians and scientists with close partnerships with reputable institutes.

Flexible Services & Solutions

ZeBlast offers a unique range of products and servicers to meet client needs from treatment research to drug development.

World-class Medical Science Facilities

ZeBlast operates in world-class medical science facilities across Hong Kong, with zebrafish aquariums and laboratories.

ZeBlast's collaborative approach to blood, heart and brain diseases research

and drug discovery

At ZeBlast, we always strive for excellence by forming close partnerships with reputable institutes to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and expertise for their blood, heart and brain diseases research and drug discovery needs.