At ZeBlast, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaborations, an inclusive ecosystem. That’s why we partner with top-tier companies and organisations to expand our scientific horizons and build a global network of collaborators.

Our approach is simple: through strategic alliances and shared resources, we aim to revolutionise the research landscape and push the boundaries of scientific discovery. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of our partners, we can accelerate progress and drive innovation in fields ranging from biotechnology to pharmaceuticals. At ZeBlast, we’re all about building meaningful connections and working together towards a common goal. Join us on our mission to transform the world of science through the power of collaboration!

The University of Hong Kong (HKU), is Hong Kong’s oldest tertiary institution, with a history stretching back over a hundred years. The University of Hong Kong is ranked 26th amongst the most respected comprehensive research-led universities in the world.

Hong Kong Genome Institute aims to establish genome database of the local population, testing infrastructure and talent pool to address the healthcare needs of Hong Kong in the long run.

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The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation is a public corporation set up by the Hong Kong Government in 2001 to foster innovation and technology development in Hong Kong. It is also the city’s largest R&D base.