Molecular Laboratory

World-class science laboratory

Our world-class science laboratory is located in the heart of the Hong Kong Science Park, one of the most advanced science and technology hubs in Asia.

This prime location offers us access to a range of cutting-edge facilities and resources, enabling us to conduct groundbreaking research in zebrafish genome engineering.

The science park is home to numerous innovative biotech companies and research institutions, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment that facilitates knowledge sharing and networking.

State-of-the-art genome editing

Zebrafish genome editing techniques, such as CRISPR/Cas and TALEN, enable precise manipulation of the zebrafish genome, allowing for the creation of models of human diseases and the investigation of gene function.

With these cutting-edge technologies at our disposal, we are at the forefront of zebrafish genome engineering research, paving the way for new discoveries in genetics and disease.