Partnership laboratory HKU

World-Class Partnership Laboratory

Our partnership laboratory with The University of Hong Kong is a world-class research facility dedicated to advancing our understanding of zebrafish biology and genetics.

ZeBlast can provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services, including microinjection, transgenic fish maintenance, flow cytometry, histology analysis, next-generation sequencing, and drug screening.

Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to introduce genetic modifications into zebrafish embryos through microinjection, creating transgenic fish models for studying human diseases. We are highly experienced in maintaining these transgenic fish lines and providing optimal conditions for their growth and development.

Advancing zebrafish research

We also offer histology analysis services, enabling us to visualize the tissues and organs of zebrafish at a microscopic level and understand their structure and function.

Finally, our drug screening services use zebrafish models to test the efficacy and safety of novel therapeutics, enabling the identification of new therapeutic targets for drug development.