Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

ZeBlast’s mission is to optimize the outcomes for blood, heart and brain diseases patients by scientific innovations in zebrafish models that significantly accelerate drug discovery. We strive to shorten the lag-time and reduce the cost of drug discovery in academia and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Vision

ZeBlast is uniquely poised to achieve innovation in the development of zebrafish model of CHIP and ageing related complications, based on specific molecular tools and combination transgenesis. We produce patented transgenic zebrafish models carrying CHIP mutations with defined clinical, pathologic and genetic features that have been validated by clinical haematologist and pathologist.

These “off-the-shelf” zebrafish products will substantially speed up drug discovery by both academic and pharmaceutical institutes. We also provide “custom-designed” genetically engineered zebrafish models with stringent validations as well as consultation and research services to target customers who need zebrafish expertise.