Innovative Transgenic Zebrafish Models

Innovative Transgenic Zebrafish Models

ZeBlast strives to generate a catalogue of zebrafish blood, heart and brain diseases models with full genotypic and phenotypic validation, making them available to customers off-the-shelf, thereby significantly reducing the lag time to product availability.

Blood Cancer Models

We have generated transgenic fish reminiscent of human blood cancers carrying combinations of gene mutations. These transgenic zebrafish exhibit following traits that are consistent with human leukaemia:

  • increases in size of the spleen and kidney marrow;
  • increases abundance of circulating blasts and MPO+ myeloblasts;
  • transplantability of the leukemic clones;
  • changes of the transcriptomic profiles; and
  • responsiveness to therapeutic agents targeting the respective drivers.

These are considered prototypes based on mutation combinations frequently identified in human blood cancers with full clinicopathologic and transcriptomic validations. A U.S. provisional patent application for the zebrafish model that may contain two or more of the AML-associated gene mutations has been filed.

Aging-related Models

Clonal Haematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP) models

In the development of blood cancer models, we have generated or acquired fish lines carrying transgenes or mutations characteristic of CHIP. CHIP is caused by somatic mutations of haematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and different mutation combinations give rise to diverse complications among the elderly. CHIP models are worth to develop because:

  • 20% of healthy individuals older than 70 years old are carrying CHIP mutations;
  • CHIP mutation carrier has 10 times higher risk of developing haematological cancers;
  • CHIP mutation carrier has 4 times higher risk of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

CHIP models will become important assets to expedite the discovery of drugs that prevent aging-related diseases.

Our unique zebrafish service model

Our products focus on blood cancer models and they have been characterized to ensure faithful recapitulation of human diseases and are available off-the-shelf, providing models for both industrial and academic customers to begin their drug discovery almost immediately.

zeblast service model charts v2

Drug discovery begins immediately

zeblast service model charts 1

A lag-time of 2-3 years before drug discovery begins

The advantages of using zebrafish

Zebrafish are an excellent model organism for drug discovery due to their genetic and physiological similarities to humans. Zeblast zebrafish models have been rigorously validated, ensuring and guaranteed that they are reliable and efficient for drug screening.

  • Genome 80% similarity to human
  • Blood system 90% similarity to human
  • 10X more cost effective than mouse model
  • 10X more space effective than mouse model
  • High throughput
  • Zebrafish embryos are optically transparent
  • Low maintenance cost